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Official Poker Rankings.comOfficial Poker Rankings is a free website that provides statistical information for online poker tournament players. The site compiles and organizes tournament results from various online poker rooms. These results are then used primarily in two ways: To rank players and to reveal statistical data about the play of each individual player.

The ranking of the players is based on data from the last 120 days. On OPR's front page, the top twenty five players from each online cardroom are listed with their winnings over the past 120 days. OPR favors players with a significant positive estimated profit who are able to keep the good results coming in. One good result will not bring you to the top of the list even if the profit is much higher than the best ranked player. The data taken into consideration when ranking includes the number of players in a tournament, where a person finishes in the tournament and their ROI for the events they have played during the 120 day period.

On Official Poker Ranking's home page, you can do searches for players. Once you do the search, the page will display the player's information for a particular card room. The information includes the player's ratings. If a players rating says 86.3% then that means they are rated higher than 86.3% of all players on that network. It also will give their results. You will be able to see all the tournaments the player has entered over the past 120 days (you can filter it for longer periods) and how they have finished in those tournaments and their ROI on the various games. You can base your style of play against that player depending on whether the information leads you to believe he is a fish or a poker shark.

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OPRThe player's page (hyperlinked at right so you can get a better view). can be used in multiple ways just by clicking on one of the colorful tabs. Their summaries give you an overall look at your opponent (or yourself). It will list the money won, their ROI, their average buy-in (ABI), the percentage of times they finish in the money (ITM) and how many times they have finished in 1st-3rd or finished late. The summaries sort the information by month, full tracking, last 120 days and by years. The player's results will list the most recent tournaments played. You can also look at OPR rankings which will show you the top 250 players at the moment. If you click on the prize ranking tab, it will show the top 250 players as far as prize money is concerned. The latest tournaments tab shows the most recent tournaments added to Official Poker Ranking's database.

Official Poker Rankings can be used to give you an advantage over your opponents. Information that wouldn't be displayed in a live casino tournament is given to you when playing online poker. The great players use that information to make educated decisions. Of course the truly great players want the information for their own benefit, but do not want to give the information to their opponents. The best thing about OPR is that you can use the information proved and still opt out of having your information displayed. If you don't want your poker rankings, poker results or poker statistics on OPR, then you can send an email with your player handle and where you play and they will hide your data completely. That sounds like a win/win situation to me.

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