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Review of Poker Statistical Program

by Shirley Rosario

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Online poker databases providing statistical information for tournament players are growing in numbers. For the dedicated “Sit and Go” player, Sharkscope is the most comprehensive tool in assisting you to make better in-game decisions. It has an extensive database specifically devoted to online poker Sit & Go tournaments and the searches can be comprehensively filtered to give you the bottom line on which players are sharks and which are the fish at your table.

There are numerous ways to use the Sharkscope database. The site provides well annotated and organized video tutorials that explain both the basic features and more advanced. Taking the time to watch the tutorials will go a long way in getting you familiar with its tools and putting the program to good use immediately.

Shark ScopeEven in its most basic search form, Sharkscope provides very in-depth information about individual players or an entire table of opponents instantaneously. In one quick glance, you can see (complete with graphs) results for recent games, return on investment percentages (ROI%), the average buy-in (stakes), total profits (and/or losses), and many different trends that combine some of these variables.

Some of the more advanced features include being able to see how two particular players do while playing together. If you suspect that two players might be colluding, you can see if they do well while playing together and suck while playing apart. This information might lead you to believe there is some sort of cooperation going on between them. You can also use this feature to see how well you do while a particular player is in your game. One feature that could also be useful is searching how a player does on each day of the week or over the months.

SharkScope StatisticsBased on the information that is provided on Sharkscope, you can draw conclusions regarding your opponents easily and quickly. You can see if a player does well at the $10-$20 stakes, but their profits drop off substantially when he/she moves to the $50 level. You also know if someone might be “out of their league”, or “playing scared”. Without any effort, you can see whether someone seems to be “tilting” or running good (“hot”). These are only some of the features available to the informed user.

Successful players are generally tight during the early stages of a tournament and will be taking advantage of that time to observe their opponents. Many now use Sharkscope during that very same period to search their opponent's records. Herein lies the difference between taking your poker progress seriously or not. The ones who are successful in the sit and go business rely on the kind of information Shark Scope offers up. Others who are not as serious probably wouldn't know how to decipher it anyway. Is it any wonder the rich get richer? They work at it, and take advantage of tools available to "make their own luck."

There are consistent losers and winners in poker. Tools like Sharkscope differentiate the two groups in a major way. Taking advantage of all Sharkscope has to offer can vastly improve your results, and turn your hobby into a handsome source of income. (At the same time, it can embarrass and drive away weak players from playing. So the fact this site exists is both a positive and a negative to thoughtful players.)

SharkScope ROIMany online poker players are making a nice living by specializing in Sit & Go’s. Most of the top players believe that if you aren’t using Sharkscope’s online database, you are leaving money on the table. Common sense tends to enforce this belief. When you are able to, not taking advantage of the ability the internet provides to track and monitor your opponent’s activities, trends and results seems about as negligent as picking a horse at the track because you like its name.

If you are playing Sit & Go events exclusively and want to take your game to the next level, Sharkscope is a wise investment. You are allowed five free searches a day, but you only get the basic info. You can buy 200 searches for a flat rate of $8.99 or you can subscribe to the site for $14.99 per month. The subscription allows you to do up to 150 searches per day.

The downside, and it is a BIG one, is Sharkscope is listed on PokerStars prohibited list of programs. The PokerStars client may refuse to run if it notices SharkScope in your computer memory. Sharkscope is a helpful program to use when it is allowed, but I am advising you to NOT use Sharkscope when you are playing on Pokerstars.

If you master the ins and outs of tournament Sit and Gos, you might find yourself on top of the Sharkscope tournament leader board.

Also Read this article on Poker Software record keeping.

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