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Poker TipsShirley Rosario Articles
Suited Connectors
Suited cards and No Limit Holdem

Rebuy Tournaments Online
Multiple rebuy tournaments

Poker Bankroll
The importance of properly managing a bankroll

Online No Limit Holdem Satellites
Playing satellites and Sit-n-Go Tournaments

Discipline and the black hole of tilting

Pet Peeves
Things and players to drive you crazy when playing

Michael Jordan, Basketball and Poker
Quotes from a champion that apply to poker

Friends at the Poker Table
Playing in the same game as your friends

Shut Up: Poker Table Talk
Listen, don't babble like the babblers

Women in Poker
The perspective of a female player

Online Versus Casino Poker
Differences between casino play and playing online

"Great" Poker Players
What makes different players great

Q and A for
An interview with Magazine

What is a poker prop player?
The basics of playing as a prop for a cardroom

Texas Hold'em Game Structures

My iPod List
Songs to listen to when playing

Legends of Poker
Bicycle Casino Legends of Poker championship win

California State HORSE Poker Championship
The first woman to win a $1000+ HORSE tournament
2010 California State Poker Championship
For the second year in a row, I won a HORSE event at the Commerce Casino

E! Hollywood Holdem
One of the Hollywood poker television shows

Professional Poker Tour
Behind the scenes look at the Tour's beginning

How to Play Razz
Playing the "R" game in HORSE

Guest Poker Articles
LA Poker Classic Super Satellite
Jennicide's Caribbean Adventure
by Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh

Winning at Low Stakes Poker for Beginners
Changing Gears: Adaptation and Flexibility
The Online Grind
Online Poker Forums
Poker for Advanced Players
Online Poker Abbreviations and Acronyms
by David Huber

Jedi Mind Tricks
Calling on the River
The Ten Commandments
Surviving in Tournaments
by Oliver Butterick

For the Love of Omaha
Q&A with Antonio Esfandiari
by Deanna Couras Goodson

Losing Focus
Filtering Poker Advice
Grin and Bear It
by Scott Buono

Poker Tells
Poker Chips
Poker Tables
by Lawrence Gilbert

How to Play Badugi
by Halli Pinson

The Poker Circle of Profit
by Marc Weinberg

Value Betting
by David Tuchman

Poker Money Management
by Seth Pennet

Legends of Poker Omaha High Low
Hustler Grand Slam Tournament
by Max Shapiro

Backdoor, Board, Box, Boxed Card
Break, Bring-In, Burn, Button
Buy, Calling Station, Call the Clock
Cards Speak, Cash Plays, Catch
Check, Chop, Chop the Blinds
Cold Deck, Collusion, Color Up
Come Bet, Complete Hand
Connector, Continuation Bet
Counterfeit, Cripple the Deck
Crying Call, Cut, Cutoff Position
Dead Money, Rake, Ring Game, Variance
Detailed articles that both define and explain these concepts by Jesse Knight

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